Why Sealcoating?

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Living in the northeast, we are blessed and cursed with the fact that we experience all four seasons in full affect. The weather is brutal on your driveways and parking lots, causing cracks that will continue to spread and potholes that will only get bigger unless you take action and fix them. That is exactly what we do, we repair and improve the look and quality of your blacktop. When we experience repetitive weather like rain or snow, it gets into small cracks in the asphalt.  If the asphalt has not been sealed by new construction, or some sort of pavement preservation technique, there are likely cracks in the roadway.  As water penetrates the asphalt, water enters the base material under the asphalt.  This weakens the asphalt and reduces the load capacity of the underlayer.  This in turn causes depressions and a weak spot in the asphalt..  As traffic drives over the weakened area, the asphalt begins to crack and a pothole is formed. This cycle will continue to happen until something is done about the cracks in the asphalt. Waiting to fix this problem can become very costly and it is better to take control and fix these weak areas as soon as possible to save you future costs


Benefits to sealcoating 

  • Saving money in the long run
  • Preserving your driveway or parking lot life
  • Protection against water penetration from snow and rain
  • Accelerates the melting of snow and ice on your pavement
  • Enhances the look and appeal of your property 

The biggest and most important reason to sealcoat a driveway or parking lot is the fact that it saves you money in the long run. The sealcoating gives your blacktop protection against harsh weathers and allows you to save money in the long run because you don't have to rip up and replace your driveway. Sealcoating adds years of life to your driveway and parking lot while beautifying it at the same time. Sealcoating is a long term investment that truly pays for itself, and it increases the appeal of your building and landscape. 


What do people have to say about TPS Asphalt Maintenance?

Fast, professional, and cheaper than the competition. You won’t find a better company.
— Mark A. MD
Doing the job right is their main concern with a genuine concern for customer satisfaction.
— Yvonne C. PA